Wednesday, September 24, 2008


During a shopping visit to WholeFoods with my family I was introduced to NOFA-NJ(Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey). Here is what I learned: Founded in 1985, the Northeast organic Farming Association of New Jersey(NOFA-NJ) serves as a catalyst for the development of a sustainable community-based food system. Their mission is to promote a healthy, viable food and agriculture system that helps protect and restore nature. They recognize the need of farmers to succeed economically while farming ecologically. Agriculture need not exist at the expense of the surrounding ecosystems. They actively work toward ensuring access to affordable and nutritious food for all.

They offer a variety of programs such as:
On Farm Education
Summer Sunday Farm Tours
Farm Marketing Programs
Farmer Chef Meetings
The annual Winter Conference for NJ/PA's Organic Farmers
Advocacy Work on behalf of Sustainable and Organic Farmers

Go to their site to Join and add your support!


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