Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Color of change

Climate change, the energy crisis, and the lack of opportunity in many Black communities are serious problems that might seem disconnected. In reality, they're not. The Green Jobs movement, pioneered in large part by Van Jones (one of ColorOfChange.org's co-founders), calls for a shared solution to these problems. Van has written an amazing new book that connects the dots between the two crises we face: our failing economy and the devastated environment--and lays out a visionary solution for both. And it speaks to a way of getting our economy back on track, from the bottom up. The Green Collar Economy comes out today, October 7th -- we're inviting you to get your own copy (and for your friends or family as well) from Amazon at a discount! We're hoping that the book will sell a lot of copies in the first few days which could help it make the bestsellers list-- increasing exposure for the plan and creating a platform for Van and others to speak about the solution. You can be one of the first to get a copy, here: http://colorofchange.org/greencollareconomy/?id=2301-646941&v=1

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