Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saving our youth!

May be is it the MOM in me but, I find it very interesting and perplexing that our children can get working papers at the age of 14(at least in New Jersey) but can't get anyone to look at their application until they are 16. When employers look at the application, they are stilling looking for experience. This is a call to business owners: I know there are jobs you don't want to do, that are not complicated and a willing 14 year old would be able to accomplish. It could be something like, raking leaves, filing papers, making copies, stuffing envelopes etc... With a young person doing these odd jobs you won't have to pay as much as you would a salary worker and therefore cheaper labor. I really feel we need to find more responsible activities for our youth for many reasons: it keeps them off the streets, turns off the TV, offers a mentor for guidance, gives them something to aspire to as well as money in their pockets. There may be some of you who agree or disagree....send me a comment and let me hear your opinion.

From the motto of the Isles Organization. Fostering Self Reliance= is also key to sustainability!


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