Thursday, August 14, 2008


Dear D,Yesterday, four Congressional leaders joined together to demand that the Department of Labor move quickly to implement the Green Jobs Act of 2007. Led by Senator Hillary Clinton, the letter asks Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao to immediately establish an energy efficiency and renewable energy worker training program, which was supposed to have been implemented no later than 6 months after the date of enactment of the Green Jobs Act of 2007.
More than 6 months have passed and further delay is unacceptable.
The legislators said the law "creates a sustainable, comprehensive public program to… provide quality training for jobs created through renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. Experts agree: a major national investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency could create millions of jobs over the next ten years."
Demand that your government rise to the occasion and accelerate the transition to an inclusive, clean and green economy.
How can you help? Pick up the phone and call the Department of Labor.
Please add your voice by calling: 202-693-6000. When you get connected, tell the staff member that you support the full enactment of the Green Jobs Act of 2007. Tell them you expect Secretary Chao to enact this law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush.
You can also communicate your support by e-mail:
We applaud Senators Hillary Clinton and Bernard Sanders and House members Hilda Solis and John Tierney for their dedication and persistence in demanding full implementation of this law.
They refuse to let politicians just talk about "green jobs," but provide zero funding to train people to get them. Green jobs are the biggest idea in Congress, with the smallest level of actual follow-through from anybody. These champions are trying to correct that imbalance - and create actual pathways to green-collar jobs for tens of thousands of people.
Congress provided the legislative pathway and now it is time to make the commitment real and develop an immediate plan of action for this vital program.
For more information on the Green Jobs Act of 2007 and green-collar jobs visit our website at: JonesPresident & FounderGreen For All

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